Witchblood was a term for lesser species members with time-active biodata. Witchbloods could naturally perceive others' histories in their biodata, interacting with the loa and even instinctually tampering with and reshuffling the past. With training, witchblood could be used to build more complicated temporal maps — tracing the histories of multiple people to triangulate intersections. (PROSE: Witchblood, Warring States)

The time-active properties of witchblood should theoretically only have been seen in members of the Great Houses, (PROSE: Witchblood) and there was a story that witchbloods were the result of hybrid human/Homeworlder biodata — potentially in a similar way to the transformation of Compassion from Remote to timeship. (PROSE: Warring States) It was even hypothesised that all witchbloods had inherited the capability from a single genetic ancestor, although due to witchblood's time-active nature it was equally likely that witchbloods inherited it backwards in time from their descendants. (PROSE: Witchblood)

Most timeships were wary of having the "wild" biodata of witchbloods inside of them, but Compassion actually fed on it, and for a time used an elaborate time-loop to repeatedly harvest from the two witchbloods Cousin Octavia and Liu Hui Ying. (PROSE: Warring States)

Cousin Justine also possessed witchblood, (AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire) and Compassion recognised a similarity to that of her own bloodline. (PROSE: Brookhaven's Ghost Kingdom: The Six Central Characters)

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