Vlad III, or Vlad Tepes (1431-1973) was the ruler of Wallachia during the 15th century.

He and his brother Radu were imprisoned by the Sultan Mehmed II when they were young. For Vlad, this made his Christian faith stronger and more fierce, willing to go to any lengths to stop the spread of Islam. Radu, conversely, became a follower of Islam and viewed by the Sultan as a potential puppet ruler.

Vlad's killing of 23,000 Muslims and leaving their bodies outside Tirgoviste acted as a summoning, connecting the area to the realm of the Celestis. His brother Radu led an Islamic army through the forest of bodies, eventually defeating Vlad's forces. It was believed that he made some sort of deal with Lord Halved Birth to escape, leading to his extended lifespan. He was eventually killed in the 20th century, supposedly by an Investigator.

After his resurrection in the City of the Saved, he became a recluse in the Cushling District, living in a reconstruction of his mountain fortress in Poenari. The site became a pilgrimage destination for the Sons of Tepes, who had named their group after him. Vlad, however, wanted nothing to do with them. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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