The Venue Accords were an attempt to achieve peace during the early years of The War, between the House Military's First and Second Waves. It was notable for having representatives from all the combatants except Faction Paradox and its total failure.

The organisers were unknown and operated through a human host. That and the engineering required to create the venue led some to believe that the City of the Saved may have been involved.

The venue itself was a modelled sentient space-time event like the Homeworld's timeships. It was the size of a small galaxy, existing for a picosecond but touching every point of the Spiral Politic. The architecture transformed itself to be the medium for the initial Master Accords.

When the Great Houses saw what the venue was, they suspected a security breach and departed immediately. The Remote took the Faction's absence as an indication of their irrelevance, which may have contributed to the schism between them. They left behind a ship-killer anarchitect almost by chance, but it never activated, indicating the venue was not as similar to a timeship as the Houses thought. (PROSE: The Book of the War)