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Welcome to the

Thanks for your edits! We hope you'll keep on editing with us. Please remember to login every time you edit with us so that you get full credit with our Achievements game!

Your contribution history

You may already have a ton of edits with us, even though you don't remember making them. This is because a forum discussion over at tardis decided to import material from that wiki to this one. In order to come into full compliance with the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, we imported the entirety of the tardis edit history so that all authors could receive appropriate credit. Thus, if you edited at tardis your "join" date does not mean the same thing here as on the typical Wikia wiki.

Your "join date" here is not:

  • the date of your first edit at tardis
  • the date of your first edit about a Faction Paradox subject at tardis
  • the date of your first edit here

Rather, it's something completely useless. It's the date of the earliest edit on the first round of imports that included your name. In sum, your join date is pretty damned random. You may well have edits in our system that are before that date, and your join date has nothing to do with the first date on which you intentionally came here to make an edit.

Importation actually occurred in May and June of 2012. So your work actually first appeared on the wiki sometime between about 15 May and 15 June 2012.

The Doctor Who universe

Although Faction Paradox originated in the Doctor Who universe, this wiki regards all appearances in DWU fiction as apocryphal. Please do not include such information in the writing of articles here, except in "behind the scenes" sections. Even then, please keep the references to the DWU at a minimum. Articles about items that have counterparts in the DWU should use {{t}} in their "external link" section, so as to refer people back to tardis.

Because many of our articles started out as imports from tardis, they may currently include references to Doctor Who books and stories. Please delete that information as you find it. All articles should be redacted such that they only inlcude information from an FPU source.

Citing works

When you make a statement in an article, it's important to cite the story from which you drew that information. We do this via inline citation, rather than by use of footnotes. Unlike tardis and memory alpha, however, we don't use prefixes here. There simply aren't enough FP sources to warrant them. Therefore, just enclose the italicised name of the story in parentheses, as with (The Book of the War).

New to wiki editing?

If you're brand new to wiki editing — and we all were, once! —  you probably want to check out these tutorials at Wikipedia, the world's largest wiki:

You'll also want to make sure that you check out this wiki's policies.

Remember that you should always sign your comments on talk and vote pages using four tildes like this:
~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for becoming a member of the Faction! If you have any questions, see the Help pages, add a question to one of the Forums or ask an admin.

Bureaucrat status conferredEdit

Thank you for agreeing to become a bureaucrat here. As we discussed at tardis:user talk:Tangerineduel this change in status does not obligate you to actually do any work here, unless you wish. However, should something happen to me/my computer/my internet connection, you may be called upon to "restart" the wiki by appointing new, more active admin.

Though you may promote admin as you see fit in my absence, please do not confer bureaucrat status on others unless I've been absent for a period of more than one year.

I should make clear that no such absence is anticipated.

The current status of this project is that most of the groundwork has been laid. The CSS for both Monobook and Wikia has been completed, with no more remaining than is remaining at w:c:tardis. (There's always something to fix with CSS.)

You should find operation of the wiki very similar to that which obtains at tardis. Most of the same templates, policy pages, and the like exists here.

Most images that are possible to upload have been uploaded, since the FPU is not a visual franchise. Therefore, there should hardly be a need to regulate images, as there is at tardis. The biggest administrative tasks with respect to pictures will probably be simple deletion, since the only vein of untapped images which remains are FP 1 and FP 2. You can probably safely assume that any pictures which are uploaded after this point probably shouldn't be here — or are user related.

If anyone asks what they can do around here, the major thing is the redaction of DWU-related material from the pages that have been imported here. In order to fully follow the CC-BY-SA requirements, I had to import the articles as is, which meant that many of them had tons of non-FPU-related info. There's only 200 pages currently, so it's not that big a task, but it needs to be completed first.

Oh, and I suppose the biggest priority is probably the writing of an aricle about the in-universe Faction Paradox, since I had to delete the existing article for obvious plagiarism. It's probably not good that the FP wiki fails to define Faction Paradox.

Anyway, that's the state of this wiki. Do as much, or as little, as you want to with that info.  :)

czechout    15:44: Mon 11 Jun 2012 

Importation Edit

Hey, thanks for taking the time to do the old export/import trick rather than just a simple copy and paste. It's really important that we do that. And you got it almost perfectly right. The one thing is that the license requires notation of "a URL where practicable", so the language I've been using is:

"This page can be traced back to at least as far as, where it has the same name as used on this wiki. Importing with full page history for proper attribution of authors under CC-BY-SA 3.0."

I'm pretty sure that covers us, because it's not terribly practical to give the specific URL when you've got dozens of pages to import. In any case, most of these pages are going to be deleted at tardis, so people won't really be able to trace it anyway. The best we can do, I think, is just to give the URL of the wiki, and let people follow the deletion trail if they want.

czechout    20:38: Mon 11 Jun 2012 

Yeah, if you forget to add an import summary, then you should do an individual minor edit summary, after the fact.

czechout    16:12: Tue 12 Jun 2012 

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