Father Timon was a member of Faction Paradox who was recruited from the City of the Saved.


Timon was born in 1398 as Robin Wright, in Hamborn village in Devon. Robin was born seriously deformed, hunchbacked with lightly-scaled skin and cranial perculiarities. Although he was mentally able, he was the constant victim of the townsfolk, harassed, teased and even tortured by them. Robin was eventually burned at the stake in 1426 at the age of 28.

Robin was then resurrected in the City of the Saved, where the people there told him what his deformities meant. Robin's mother assimilated the regen-inf protocols of a member of the Great Houses into her unborn child.

Robin was identified by Faction Paradox, who recognised his potential. When initiated into the Faction as a Cousin, Robin chose the name Timon. Timon was relocated to the Eleven Day Empire, where he rose to a position of some respect within the weapons research cabals.

Timon was killed in a skirmish with a rebellious Remote faction in 4178, after which he was again resurrected in the City of the Saved. He immediately contacted the Faction, where he resumed his former duties. Timon oversaw the Mother of the Faction Mission which saw the Faction recruit his younger self into the Faction in the first place. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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