Through the Eye of Eternity was a science fiction series produced by Faction Hollywood in one of its rare forays into television.

The show had elements of time travel, meta-fictional adventure and comedy. They said that they paid homage to other more established shows, but that was merely their excuse when they called in a bomb alert so they could break into the other studios and film on their sets. There were 78 episodes made, including the missing episode "Miss Hiroshima". The first 55 were produced by Chad Vandemeer.

Each episode opened with the Eye of Eternity flashing a specific colour and the Time Voice declaring "and now we travel through the [colour] Eye of Eternity.

The cast remained the same, each having the same character name. However, their roles and personalities, and on one occasion genders, changing in each episode.

After Vandermeer discovered the GCI Processor, he used it to make some of the episodes. These included "Oops Titanic", "There's No Ball Like Cher-No-Ball" and "Miss Hiroshima". (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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