The Mystery of Edwin Drood was an unfinished novel by Charles Dickens. The film version produced by Faction Hollywood was the genesis of Production Hell.

The movie was directed by James Whale. Production began in 1936 after he had finished Bride of Frankenstein. He was told the film would never be completed, and was the price for all the favors he had gotten from the Faction. The project was used to punish those who had caused problems for the Faction, and became a powerful sacrifice of time, talent and money. It was rumoured that Bette Davis offered sexual favours to consulting producer Michael Brookhaven to escape.

By 1950, 'being Edwined' had become slang for a career in limbo, replacing 'Arbuckled'. Whale was never credited, and when on set concealed his face with a yellow scarf and slouch hat. In 1957, worn down by the unending grind of the film, Whale committed suicide.

The location of the movie's soundstage was unknown, and possibly had evolved into an ulterior world all its own. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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