The Cold was a weapon used as a deterrent against the enemy during the War, and seen by the Remote (particularly Guest) as a loa.

The Cold existed on the border between universes. It seeped out through the centre of a Time Lord space warship, poised to destroy pre-spacefaring Earth if the enemy gained too much ground. Faction Paradox created the Remote colony Anathema on the warship.

If a subject was introduced to the Cold they would be taken out of the physical universe and held in stasis with no ill effects.

In 1996, the warship was finally close enough to Earth for the Remote to travel there. They sold canisters of the Cold at a weapons convention. Some was used on Fitz Kreiner, who was released on Ordifica six hundred years later, when the Remote first discovered it.

The Remote sold the Cold on Earth in 1996, as a weapon which could remove subjects from the physical universe. (PROSE: Interference - Book One, PROSE: Interference - Book Two)

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