Tenskwatawa was a messiah of the Shawano tribe in Ohio. He had a vision in November 1805 caused by the Great Houses' open door portal technology. He called a great meeting at the ancient capital of Wapakoneta, where he announced that the Master of Life had taken him to the spirit world and showed him the happiness that awaits those who denounce witchcraft, medicine magics, and the customs of the white man (particularly firearms). He also said that those who disregarded his warning would be condemned to hell. This revelation quickly inspired a fervor that led to witch trials (which Tenskwatawa used to extinguish his opponents) and, for several years, complete sobreity amongst the Native American peoples.

He was eventually exiled from his people as a fraud, and he died miserable and alone in 1840. However, his teachings were continued by many other Native American messiahs and prophets over the next eighty years, notably including Wokova, before the open door project ended with the massacre of the Sioux at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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