General Tchike was a member of UNISYC in the 21st century.

In Saskatoon, 2054, the Montana Republican Militia obtained thermosystron bombs from the Selachians and tried to take over Canada. Tchike and a version of the Doctor, whom he described as "the little baggy one," fought them. Tchike attempted to give the bombs to World Zones Authority, but the Doctor destroyed them.

In 2064, he erased all records of the Doctor from UN files. From then on, only those with a rank of Brigadier or above knew he existed.

The two of them had regularly scheduled chess matches after that. Tchike had wanted revenge for his prior embarrassment, but believed like most that the Doctor was immortal. However, when he received the invitation for the auction of the Relic and an explanation of what it was, he thought it would be safe to finally kill the Doctor. The attempt failed, but Tchike expected him to return for their next chess match in 16 July 2070. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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