Symbiotes were a type of aqueous lifeform with no individuality, which saw themselves as an information transfer system rather than beings. Their complete lack of ego made them ideal for negotiations: diplomats could drink the symbiotes, let the symbiotes get a feel for their minds, then recombine the liquid before repeating the cycle. Symbiotes were used by Faction Paradox's Cousin Dysgenia to decide whether the Great Houses (represented by Negotiator Melmoufex) or the enemy (represented by Negotiator Suroboruo) should have the Peace. Both sides attempted to alter the symbiotes' timeline to produce creatures which would favour them, and the equally vast resources each side expended paradoxically resulted in the symbiotes' ideal neutrality in the first place. The symbiotes decided that Cousin Dysgenia herself should have the Peace, but when she tried to use it Godfather Kobold activated a mnemonic bomb, scattering the Peace throughout time and wiping out the symbiotes' history. (PROSE: The Story of the Peace)

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