Lord Smoking Mirror (or the Lord of the Smoked Mirror) was one of the Lords Celestial in Mictlan.

He had a manse a hundred miles above the Lava Sea and the screaming forest of suicides. His god-forms included those of Urmungstandra and Tehke.

When he became aware there was something wrong with Mictlan, he went to see the Hermit to find out if he knew the problem. The Hermit used a voodoo puppet to communicate, which contained a metabomb. After the Hermit abandoned control, the metabomb exploded and blew the constructed body of Smoked Mirror to pieces. He was presumably completely destroyed when the Fendahl Predator devoured the home of the Celestis. (PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5)

Behind the scenes Edit

Lord Smoking Mirror's name seemingly comes from Tezcatlipoca, whose name is often translated "Smoking Mirror."

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