The Rivera Manuscript (also known as the Praxis Manuscript) was a document that appeared to have predicted the beginning of the War.

Though found first on 20th century Earth, it seemed to recount an individual's visions caused by a massive intake of praxis. This made it similar to Potocki's Saragossa manuscript. Strangely, praxis was not known to have existed until the far posthuman future. The manuscript's first appearance was in the possession of artist Diego Rivera. It then came into the hands of President Salvador Allende of Chile. After the 1973 coup, it was discovered behind a filing cabinet in the United States of America's Library of Congress. It finally was stolen and moved to the Eleven-Day Empire's archives.

The document is a translation and not the original. Three-quarters of it was untranslatable, the rest being an account of a prisoner being forced to intake praxis, and the visions he saw as a result. Since the predictions were almost totally inaccurate, it was possible that the individual merely experienced a series of hallucinations. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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