Predating the Predators was the third and final story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology The Vampire Curse. It was written by Philip Purser-Hallard.

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An aged Professor Summerfield is forced to confront the equally bloody past of a fellow attendee at the predictably ill-fated First Interdisciplinary Conference on Vampirology.

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  • Imogen and her sister Marina take their names from Shakespeare's plays Cymbeline and Pericles, Prince of Tyre; Imogen's later title Beatrix II comes from Much Ado About Nothing. The walking tree in Burnum Plaza is a reference to Birnam Wood in Macbeth.
  • The starship Serene Diameter takes its name from the ships used by the eponymous count in the novel Dracula: the Demeter, and the Czarina Catherine. The name Meinir Doihara also echoes 'Mina Harker', the married name of Jonathan Harker's fiancée Mina Murray from the same novel.
  • The planet Murigen is named after the Celtic goddess Morrigan; and its three suns Nemhain, Fea, and Macha are the aspects of Morrigan from Celtic myth. Similarly, Lugh is Cuchulainn's sun, despite Cuchulainn being Lugh's son in myth.
  • The aquatic Lavellan species is named for the la-mhalan of Scottish folklore.
  • The 'Lithian question' is a reference to James Blish’s 1958 novel A Case of Conscience, which also features a Jesuit encountering a secular alien race.
  • Luke Duke's name comes from an episode of Father Ted.
  • The word "alukah", meaning a vampiric shapeshifter, comes from the Book of Proverbs, though it's sometimes translated as "horse leech". "Ekimmu" comes from Sumerian mythology.

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