Cousin (later Godparent) Pinocchio was a member of a hegemonic cybernetic human species (presumably the Cybermen), a Cousin of Faction Paradox, and (after resurrection) the link between the Rump Parliament and the Order of the Iron Soul.

Biography Edit

First Life Edit

The cyborg later known as Pinocchio was infected with a Faction Paradox biodata virus during its species' invasion of a minor world. Its history was rewritten, so that it had been a "rebel against the system" who infiltrated an assault force specifically to defect to the Faction. (PROSE: Cousin Pinnochio)

Living at the Army and Navy Club in St James' Square of the Eleven-Day Empire, Little Sibling Pinocchio had parts of its memory erased when Cousin Antipathy made contact with the enemy. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...) Pinocchio then spent a while attempting to recruit other members of it species to the Faction, before going back to the Eleven-Day Empire. It was skilled at handling cases where strict logical thought needed to be countered or subverted, such as against the Celestis. (PROSE: Cousin Pinnochio)

Resurrection Edit

After its resurrection in the City of the Saved, Cousin Pinocchio was affiliated with the Rump Parliament. Academics specialising in the Faction have speculated that it was one of the driving forces behind the Order of the Iron Soul, in which case it was probably involved when the Parliament used the Order to kill the duplicates of Lord Foaming Sky. (PROSE: Cousin Pinnochio, Lord Foaming Sky)

After the death of Godfather Avatar, Pinocchio replaced him in the Rump Parliament's leadership. Godparent Pinocchio oversaw the Rump Parliament's plan to undo the protocols preventing time travel in the City. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

Appearance Edit

The armour of Pinocchio's casing was peeled away, revealing somewhat decayed organics, which were protected by a defensive field. It wore a life-sized, blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked china doll's face as a mask. It oozed engine oil. Its appearance caused its species to identify it with their Creator/Death figure. (PROSE: Cousin Pinnochio, A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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