Peri Brown was a human who travelled with the Sixth Doctor.

After an encounter with Chessene and Shockeye in Andalusia, Peri and the Doctor were caught in the blast of a fiction bomb used in the War by the Great Houses. The TARDIS broke and crash-landed in Mexico City, where they witnessed the effects of the bomb. After some investigation, they encountered Señor 105 and the agents of the Great Houses responsible for the detonation of the fiction bomb. Peri tried to use a cricket bat to help Señor 105 fend off the Great House agents, but it had little effect on them. Señor 105 used his Zodiac Machine to bring Peri, the Doctor, and himself back in time to before the Great House agents detonated the bomb. They were followed by the versions of the Great House agents from the future, who encountered their younger selves and triggered the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. With the Great House agents obliterated before they could activate the fiction bomb, Peri and the Doctor ate tacos with Señor 105 in Coyoacan. (PROSE: The Time Wrestlers)

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