The Order of the Weal was a secret counter-intelligence service and instrument of state power founded by the Imperator to protect the common good of the Homeworld in anticipation of the War. (PROSE: Order of the Weal, Newtons Sleep) The Imperator put Chatelaine Thessalia, a fellow member of House Dvora and Chatelaine of House Ixion, in charge of the Order. (PROSE: Thessalia)

Initiates to the Order were deprogrammed, taught to reject what they saw as the Houses' spurious and ideological myths, such as the Yssgaroth and the anchoring of the thread, in favor of their own direct experiences. The Order may have generated and planted false histories and counter-myths to observe the vectors of information among the Houses, beginning a lasting age of paranoia on the Homeworld. (PROSE: Thessalia)

Despite being founded by the Imperator, the Order identified interventionism as the greatest threat to the Homeworld. The Order was instrumental in exposing him to the Ruling Houses, who chased him off the Homeworld and (eventually) executed him; (PROSE: Order of the Weal) later, they mainly targeted those interventionists who would later become the Celestis. However, as the War came closer, the Order began working to track and isolate the Homeworld's future enemy. (PROSE: Thessalia) They may have also helped create the babels in preparation for an invasion, (PROSE: War Predictions: Chatelaine Thessalia) and they used all their timeships for monitoring Violent Unknown Events such as the one at Zo la Domini. (PROSE: Thessalia)

After Thessalia's disappearance in a VUE on the frontier of time, the Order never found another effective leader. (PROSE: Zo la Domini) It was finally destroyed four-hundred years before the War. Many Weal agents were recruited by groups like Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Order of the Weal)