The nucleolingua symbiotica was the biological language by which agents of the Great Houses (typically Homeworlders, but also augmented lesser species regen-inf troops) persuaded their bodies to rebuild and reshape themselves when damaged. The nucleolingua was partially responsible for Homeworlders' long lives, so experimentation was restricted as a threat to the status quo. Originally only Newblood Houses had fine control of the process, but during the War the Houses began to research and experiment. They learned to extend the ability to all of the House Military, force bodily regeneration, create increasingly non-hominid bodies, and (by the time of the Third Wave) push the standard regen-cycle capacity up to sixty. (PROSE: Forced Regen Missions)

Behind the scenes Edit

"Nucleolingua symbiotica" is a dog Latin name for "symbiotic nucleus language" — i.e. symbiotic nuclei. The word "symbiotic" is actually from Greek, not Latin.

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