Nicholas Plainsong was an assistant to Nate Silver. He found Nate during the Great Plague of London and helped him do anatomical experiments on bodies; Faction Paradox considered recruiting him as a means to observe Silver but instead chose Mistress Piper. After the plague, Nick orchestrated Silver's career as the Magus, but stole the egg from Nate on the suggestion of Jeova. Afterwards, he was recruited into the Service and became one of its heads alongside Jeova; he ambushed Faction Paradox in a church and unveiled Cousin Greenaway.

Later in his life, he became apprenticed to the best architects, toured the temples of Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and became a renowned designer of churches in England. Even as a church architect, he retained his fondness for brothels. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep)

Behind the scenes Edit

Nicholas Plainsong is based on the real life architect Nicholas Hawksmoor.

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