The Nazis were a political group in Germany during the 20th century.

In an alternative timeline, the Nazis were totally victorious. They dominated their world, all enemies had been "Sent East", and Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had conceived a child, August Hitler. This world was visited by agents from the Great Houses, namely a Cwej-Prime in the service of House Mirraflex. This Cwej-Prime adopted the name "Herr Abschrift" (Mister Copy, a play on the fact he is a duplicate of Chris Cwej) and offered the Nazis of "Germany Alpha" the ability to not only travel to other worlds in their galaxy, but also other worlds across the multiverse. This led to the creation of the Greater German Reich that reached across hundreds, if not thousands, of worlds. It was only defeated by forces unified by a Roman Empire that (like the Nazi Reich) had never fallen to their enemies, with the support of Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

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