The nineteenth century Native American warrior tribes, including the Kiowa, Paiute, and Cheyenne, were used by Faction Paradox for many small Remote projects.

These tribes were ideal targets since, like the Faction, they believed in dakina spirits, used ceremonial self-mutilation like Catch-the-Bear's War Bonnet, fetishised bones, and used prolonged ritualized torture (as a means to achieve a communal altered state of consciousness through the victim's screams). It was just a bonus that the tribes already had fast and reliable communication and the keen ability to adapt and incorporate invaders' technologies and weapons into their lives. Weapons like the Screaming Skull rifle were considered to be living extensions of the wielder, with their own naming ceremonies and totems. The Nunaha'wu of the Arapaho tribe were a result of these experiments. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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