Mortegathoth vel-Dvora was a War-era member of House Dvora. (AUDIO: Body Politic) As Thoth, he was the ape-headed Egyptian god associated with time. (AUDIO: The Ship of a Billion Years)

Mortega was the Great Houses' ambassador to the Osirian Court, where he was known as Thoth. He believed that the Osirians could be useful allies on at least seventeen fronts, and that their culture had much in common with that of the Homeworld. Mortega thought that the Houses should reach an agreement with the Court quickly after the death of Osiris, because Sutekh, the most obvious candidate for next god-king, could be dangerous to them.

Mortega put Lady Lolita under surveillance, and found that she was also interfering in the Court. The War King attempted to do the same thing, found that Mortega had done it already, and recruited Mortega to act against Lolita at the Court — even if it meant allying himself with Faction Paradox, who also had an ambassador there.

When Mortega returned to the Ship of a Billion Years, he was refused entry. He managed to land inside anyway, and discovered that Sutekh had been made the Court's ruler. His timeship picked up Cousin Justine as salvage in the Delta, and she crashed it into the mountain upon which was built the research station where Anubis and Cousin Eliza were attempting to resurrect Osiris. Sutekh wanted to destroy the station, but the Court did not want to trigger a war with the Houses (who could easily destroy their artificial sun/god, Ra) by killing Mortega, and so forced Sutekh to withdraw. (AUDIO: Body Politic)

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