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More Tales of the City was the second collection of The City of the Saved short stories from Obverse Books.

Publisher's summary Edit

Beyond the end of the universe exists a city the size of a galaxy, packed with every human being that ever lived, from the first Australopithecus to the last posthuman, resurrected in a city in which nobody can die…

The second City of the Saved short story collection, edited by its creator, Philip Purser-Hallard, and with new stories – and one extraordinary poem – from many of Obverse Book’s favourite authors!

Individual Stories Edit

Title Author
The Long-Distance SomnambulistIan Potter
Double Trouble at the Parasites on the Proletariat ClubSimon Bucher-Jones
Eternity is Just for StartersSusannah Tiller
Born among BriarsJay Eales
The Mystery of the RoseRichard Wright
The Isis MethodKelly Hale
More Tales of the CityPhilip Purser-Hallard

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