Mila Renal was a human historian from humanity's spacefaring period who specialised in Faction Paradox, and joined it under the name Cousin Mila.

Mila had a rich father and was educated at a private academy.

Because she was the only historian to study the Faction for four hundred and fifty years, at least within the Imperium, and because she volunteered, Mila was assigned by the Arbiturm to investigate a possible Faction artefact on Mercy. She went there with Officer Morgus Cullen in the Scarlet Messiah. On Mercy they discovered an immense stone structure like an Egyptian mortuary temple. Inside they found their Faction artefact: a Frame which stabilised Mercy's multiple timelines. Mila stabbed Cullen and cut herself, summoning the Faction's loa in the form of a one-armed man. The loa took Cullen to his own past, where he killed himself and created a paradox, and Mila was initiated into the Faction. (PROSE: Holding Pattern)

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