Marie was a 103-form timeship.

Biography Edit

Marie was born on Simia KK98. She was kept isolated for the first decade of her life because of the danger posed if she childishly thrashed out before learning self-control. She was mated with a 105-form as an experiment, to see if different models could produce offspring. She had a child, which was taken from her immediately after its birth.

Homunculette was assigned as Marie's companion. He took her on a trip to 20th century London, where her exterior got stuck for several months in the shape of a 1960s British policewoman.

A year after said trip, Marie and Homunculette attended the auction of the Relic in 21st century Borneo. There, a Shift working for the enemy "introduced [her] to the concept of paranoia," causing her own weapons to attack her. Her architecture was damaged, but she recovered. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

Marie transported Homunculette to Antarctica in 1999 on a mission for the War King, during which she observed (and he encountered) Marie's own progenitrix, Compassion. (PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5)

Personality Edit

Marie was slightly vain, insisting on wearing appropriately fashionable bodies wherever she went. She tended to hiccup on materialisation. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

Appearance Edit

Exterior Edit

Marie's first humaniform body was based on one of the personnel on Simia KK98. She wore it for weeks, not stopping until she had it perfect. Her default appearance was that of a '60s British police officer — blonde, pale, and short, wearing a dark blue uniform with a hat and a silver badge. She looked like a tanned, muscular South American woman when she attended the auction of the Relic, though she reverted to her policewoman appearance after the Shift's attack (as usual when she had internal trouble). (PROSE: Alien Bodies) In 1999, she appeared as a tastelessly-dressed tall black woman. (PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5)

Interior Edit

Marie manifested herself to her passengers as a disembodied voice. She had glowing roundels, tiled off-white flooring, a domed control room ceiling which mapped the Spiral Politic, a hologram projection system, an artron by-product waste-shaft, a secondary control room with a shabby red sofa, bookshelves, a water purification system, an emergency console, and weapons systems as large as small moons. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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