Marcus Americanius Scriptor was a human who lived in Roma I, a parallel universe where Rome never fell.
Marcus Scriptor

Marcus Americanius Scriptor. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

Biography Edit

Scriptor was born on the 8 January, 1908. He was raised in a villa on the east coast of America.

At the age of twelve, he wrote a book on the history of America. He was sent to Britannia to be educated.

Scriptor became aware of an old man who travelled to Rome from an unknown world, unable to speak in any known language. Managing to aquire his bracelet, he met up with the old man, and was able to converse with him. The old man tricked Scriptor and took the bracelet. Together they travelled to a parallel world, where another Rome stood. Scriptor chased the man through the streets until he caught up with him. He then used his sword to cut off the man's arm, and took the bracelet for himself. He then returned to his own Rome.

After working out how to use the bracelet, Scriptor offered his newfound powers to the Emperor. Together they began a venture to contact other Romes, creating a vast empire of trade between the various parallel worlds.

Managing to travel beyond the Great Divide between worlds, Scriptor found another set of universes where the Nazis had become the major power.

Scriptor was taken prisoner by the Nazis. He spent sixteen years in confinement, interrogated by Herr Abschrift, a servant of the Great Houses.

When war broke out between the Nazi worlds and Rome, Scriptor led the final assault on Germania I. Upon attacking Berlin, he found that August Hitler had escaped to another Earth. Scriptor hunted him across the worlds to True Earth, where his enemy was finally slain. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

Scriptor later travelled to the City of the Saved, where he found the prison of Adolf Hitler. He was not allowed to see the prisoner, and told the guard that he would be waiting after the prisoner had served his six million life sentences. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia Prologue)

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