Mammoths were a species of mammal native to Earth in humanity's prehistory. They were related to elephants.

Although the mammoth was believed to be long extinct by this time, in 1774 George III was given the last mammoth in Europe by Catherine II of Russia. It was to have been part of the royal hunt in December. Following the end of the War, this mammoth was vital to the last surviving members of Faction Paradox and other interested parties, since it was considered a relic which would act as a focal point around which history would be shaped. The ritual of the hunt itself was to determine who would control the future. The focus of the hunt, however, shifted to the last of the Mayakai. (COMIC: Political Animals)

During the War, Chris Cwej infiltrated the Hollywood Bowl during the filming of Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom. The introduction of a seventh main character disrupted the aesthetics of the plot and caused the production of several unscripted scenes. One of these depicted the offspring of one of the six main characters — fictionalised versions of Godfather Morlock, Godfather Sabbath, Cousin Justine, Cousin Eliza, Compassion, and Lolita — taking care of George III's mammoth, ten years after the events of the film's main events. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Lucia Cailloux and her Native American guide, "Broken Nose," found the last mammoths in the American wilderness; when Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to search for mammoths a few months later, none were found. (PROSE: Grass)

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