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Never heard of Faction Paradox?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Faction Paradox is a spin-off of Doctor Who — but one that never made it to television. Instead, it was primarily experienced through books released by small publishers and audio adventures made by two small-ish audio production houses in Britain. This meant that the series wasn't particularly available outside the United Kingdom. No new entries in the audio series have been published since the mid-2000s, and none are expected. But the odd novel or short story does occasionally surface, as most recently happened in 2011.

Briefly, the series starred two female characters called Justine and Eliza, who were usually depicted as youthful new recruits of the shadowy organisation known as Faction Paradox. This group — a time-travelling "cult" that relishes creating chaos in the timeline — ain't exactly the good guys. In fact, within the Doctor Who universe, they're definitely a group that the Doctor has actively opposed. In truth, the Faction — as it's portrayed in the spin-off series — is a loose collection of "anti-heroes" who definitely have enemies of their own. Lolita is the main baddie, but there are also problems with the Sontarans and Sutekh himself.

The trickiest thing to understand about the series, is that even though it's a spin off of Doctor Who it is not a part of the DWU. Creator Lawrence Miles had no access to concepts like "the Doctor", "the Master", "the TARDIS", "the Time Lords" — any of the things that make Doctor Who what it is. So you won't find direct mentions of these people and concepts. From a Doctor Who fan's perspective, a part of the fun of Faction Paradox is trying to crack the code. Theories abound about who particular characters are supposed to be within the context of the DWU. But this is a game you're not obliged to play. The FPU's ties to the DWU are so minimal, you don't have to be a Doctor Who fan to enjoy Faction Paradox.

All you need is a love of time travel and alternative histories.

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The Faction Paradox wiki exists to give you information about the audio, prose and comic series called Faction Paradox. Our articles do contain spoilers, including plot-ending details.

Although this series arose from the BBC Books Eighth Doctor Adventures series, this wiki does not host information about Faction Paradox's use in the Doctor Who universe. We only cover the "Faction Paradox universe", a fictional playground created by Lawrence Miles as an intentional reaction against the use of Faction Paradox by the British Broadcasting Corporation.
If you would like more information about the usage of Faction Paradox in the Doctor Who universe, please click this logo:

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