Machina was an Amerikan city founded by John Gault. It was fronted by defensive gates. The entire city was a factory, made of gaultium. Workers (many of them children) were made to live in bare cells in the walls of the buildings for machines. It had factory refectories, factory bathrooms, a factory "cathedral-shed," a factory hospital, and a factory grave-pit. Food and clothing could only be obtained with Gault's gaultium money from the Gault Company itself. Only Gault himself lived away from the machinery, in a private and walled-off ranch.

Machina did not last for long after Gault's life dissipated into legend. The workers gleefully tore it down, and the gaultium material seemed to lose all its robustness without its namesake's force of will to define it. (PROSE: Print the Legend)

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