Judy Collins was a human who travelled outside of her own timestream.

Judy met a time traveller called Yardley James, whom she travelled with for five years. Together they visited the 18th century and the planet Gweuk; they participated in a bank robbery so that he could buy yellowcake. In a jail they met a robot called Violet, who also joined them on their travels. She spent three weeks in jail on Altos III for being Yardley's friend. She did another week in a cell in Longhorn for alleged cattle rustling, which was never proved. Yardley finally dropped Judy off at home after finding out a terrible truth about the universe.

When the Jalaxian Empire invaded Earth, Judy was captured and was taken for imprisonment for being a temporal anomaly. Yardley helped her to escape, aided by Violet and her partner, Enigma Tree. (PROSE: Judy's War)

Behind the scenes Edit

Judy Collins also appears in Rachel Redhead's self-published novels The Inferior Comedy, July Collins - The Wander Years, and Time's Enema.

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