John Gault was an Amerikan businessman. He created a metal which he named gaultium, the Gault Company, and the city of Machina.

Biography Edit

From the time Amerika was founded, by the deal between Thomas Jefferson's witch lodge and the Gods, the Gault inheritance was passed from father to firstborn son. Gault was hit by a cursed bullet during the "War of Southern Independence," causing him and his descendants to only bear daughters. Gault made a compact with the Gods, symbolised by a marriage between his granddaughter and Old Glory. The Gods would get the blood of millions, Amerika would be protected for a hundred years, the hieros gamos would produce male heirs, and Gault would be reincarnated in his descendants. But Gault was betrayed by the Gods, who allied themselves with the "White Indian" Paradox clan, and his life was turned into nothing but a fiction by Charlie Dickens's shadow-pen.

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