Holding Pattern was the seventh story in A Romance in Twelve Parts.

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  • The planet Mercy has two histories: one where it was the site of a devastating battle between the Great Houses, their enemy, and Faction Paradox, and one where it was never colonised at all.
  • Mila was educated at "the Academy," which is expensive and private.
  • The Arbiturm sent Cullen and Renal to investigate Mercy. They can decide whether knowledge is in the public interest.
  • Central Archive is an Arbiturm organisation/datastore.
  • The Imperium is a region apparently centred around Earth, which also contains Tethys but not the Pluto Waystation or Mercy.
  • There is an Alexandria Space Port
  • Saturn's moons Titan and Tethys are mined for ore.
  • There was an Old Republic long ago, which fell.
  • "Ilaxian" is an adjective used to refer to some spacefaring species or faction opposed to the Arbiturm: "Ilaxian space" (which Mercy is near), "Ilaxian ships," "Ilaxian dropstation," etc.

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