Helénē, more commonly known as Helen of Troy, was supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world.

In life, the Greeks led by Menelaus and the Trojans led by Paris fought a war over Helénē for her beauty.

In the City of the Saved, the Greeks and the Trojans were unable to kill each other, so they had an endless party of beach competitions over Helénē. After she met and fell in love with Steve on the omniweb, Helénē escaped the Greeks and Trojans with the help of Steve and Theo Possible. In the flesh, she found Steve to be much less attractive than she thought he would be. Steve took her to Lucrezia's Diner, where she met Terrence Moody. (PROSE: Happily Ever After Is a High-Risk Strategy)

She married Moody, moved to the Cerulean District, and managed to stay away from the Greeks and Trojans for a while. Early in the Civil War, she was abducted by someone in a daedalopter. (PROSE: Apocalypse Day)

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