Professor Gustous R Thripsted authored Flora and Fauna of the Universe, a guidebook mentioned by the Fourth Doctor. It discussed the true nature of the Usurians. (TV: The Sun Makers) As a youth, the Doctor had read an abridged version of this work. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

He was also the author of Genetic Politics Beyond the Third Zone, which had an entry on the Time Lords and discussed the Eighth Man Bound game. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet) Another entry in the book concerned Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Alien Bodies) In the entry for the Voord, he speculated that they were the ancestors of the Remote and that they were the subjects of a Faction Paradox experiment. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two)

Thripsted co-wrote Introduction to Quantum Esotericism with Edward Watkinson. This book discussed the Faction Paradox text known as the Book of Lies. (PROSE: Unnatural History)

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