The Gregorian Compact was the contract between the court of King George II of England and House Paradox, with which House Paradox "purchased" the eleven days from 3 September and 13 September 1752 which were "lost" when England switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian; these days became the site of House (later Faction) Paradox's Eleven-Day Empire. (PROSE: Gregorian Compact)

The Gregorian Compact was humanity's first involvement in the War, something they saw as a biblical War in Heaven, since they didn't have the understanding of time-as-a-dimension necessary to comprehend the War's true shape. In spite of their regalia, Grandfather Paradox and his four Godfathers were obviously corporeal beings rather than angels or demons, and so they were treated simply as emissaries of a foreign power. (PROSE: The Gazetteer, Gregorian Compact)

Gregorian Compact

The signing of the treaty, 1752. (PROSE: The Gazetteer)

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