The Glass Men were a race that lived in the Glass City of Valcea, in the Enclave.

Biology Edit

The bodies of the Valceans, their muscles and skin and faces and bones, were made of shimmering see-through glass. Through the glass could be seen their pulsating red hearts, which each bore a malignant face. They moved about in wheeled golden chairs, which were unable to leave the black-and-white patterned floors of their glass city, powered as they were by some form of static electricity. Each wheelchair-chariot had an antenna on the back, which reached up to brush the mesh of a metal grille on the ceiling, drawing shimmering blue sparks. They could fire bolts of fire from these chairs. The Glass Men generally came in threes, and would speak almost in unison.

Although the Glass Men had no nerve endings (perhaps destroyed when their bodies calcified into glass), they took pleasure in the pretense that they could really feel things.

History Edit

Originally the Valceans were fairly peaceful, mainly concerned with spiritual things and self-preservation. After all, they were fragile and not terribly mobile - not a good combination for combat. That changed after Daedalus conquered them and became their leader. He intended to rule the entire Enclave, and to bring War to the universe. The Ghillighast, who lived on the moon of the Valceans' planet, became their most hated enemies. They piloted their Glass City through space, and Daedalus spread out his tendril-like Corridors to connect the worlds of the Enclave and the universe.

Once his Corridors were spread and entangled, Daedalus destroyed Valcea by provoking the crew of the Nepotist into attacking it. He explained that without him making this alteration to their history, without him shattering the lot of them now, the Valceans were destined to become to the Enclave what the Daleks were to the universe. (PROSE: The Blue Angel) Already they had destroyed the homeworld of the Meercocks. (PROSE: Verdigris)

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