Gargoyles  were single-purpose conceptual entities used by the Celestis which, in their natural form, had no material substance at all.

Gargoyles were first developed after the construction of Mictlan to defend the outer wall and act as a first line of defence to protect the Celestis from those who would harm them or drag them back to the material universe. Gargoyles inhabited walls in a similar way to anarchitects which were developed from them. However, they could only inhabit part of a wall, because they were of limited intelligence. Upon sighting an enemy, the gargoyles would assemble battleforms from the parts of the wall, even regenerating themselves from the part of the wall they inhabited. Gargoyles would assemble large, bulky, chimera-like forms with claws and wings, even though such forms served no purpose in noosphere combat. Several gargoyles could combine to create larger forms to combat more dangerous enemies. (PROSE: Gargoyles)

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