Gargil Krymtorpor was a space pirate. After her death she was resurrected in the City of the Saved.

Kryrmtorpor was born in 12,023,711 and died in 12,023,967. In here infancy she was marked by the Celestis, who allowed her free will for many years. However, when she happened to become commander of a raiding party attacking a spaceship with technology onboard important to the Celestis' interests, they activated her mark. She killed all her crew and guarded the shipment.

When she was resurrected in the City, she became the leader of the Ghetto of the Damned from AF 12 to AF 255, and their representative in the Chamber of Residents. She advocated open conflict against the Celestis' and their agents. When the Celestis learned of her position, they attempted to brainwash her in Mictlan prior to her resurrection so she would work for their interests in the City. Ironically, their efforts were unsuccessful and just made the City version that much angrier.

She was forced out of her position after two centuries by her subordinate Nathaniel Wain. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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