The GCI processor (short for Genuine Concept Imagineering) was the name given to a Celestis meme-mine used by Faction Hollywood.

The mine was discovered by Chad Vandemeer in a UPN storehouse whilst looking for futuristic props for the television show Through the Eye of Eternity. It could make or enhance ulterior worlds, but only those that recreated disastrous events, something which no one had sufficient understanding to change.

Vandemeer used it for several episodes of the programme, and then smuggled it out of the studio and gave it to Michael Brookhaven. It was used at the Hollywood Bowl shooting of Brookhaven's hollow spectacular Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom. The House Military sent their agent Chris Cwej to obtain it, and the device (and Brookhaven) were never seen on Earth again. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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