Lord Foaming Sky was the title for one of the Lords Celestial in Mictlan.

The first with the title was ambassador to the City of the Saved. He used an altered worldofme device to attempt an invasion. Whilst attending functions in the 'culturally sensitive' form of Lord Hoho, God of Evil-Gifts-from-Humans, his backups were creating an army. Unfortunately, he chose Spinegrove District as his first target, which was the base of the Rump Parliament. His copies were quickly destroyed by the Order of the Iron Soul.

Foaming Sky was allowed to remain as ambassador, but chose to return to Mictlan. He intended to retire for several centuries as penance for his failure. However, one of his servitors assassinated him in such a way that he could not be resurrected. The servant, Dauphine Malacasta, was brainwashed to kill him when he was in one of his least powerful forms. She was triggered when he changed to Arkat, a non-human Puffball God. Since the weapon she used was not detected, it was most likely shadow bonded to her. That and the effect of the weapon meant that both Faction Paradox and people from the City of the Saved were probably involved.

The second Lord Foaming Sky has a much less notable, yet far simpler, career. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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