They won’t be able to remember the sensation of being young and feeling the whiplash of puberty without remembering that every mystery animal, every beautiful and exotic creature they ever knew, used to hide behind a big-eyed, snouted skull.

The most well-known symbol of Faction Paradox was their ceremonial armour, and in particular their skull masks.

Faction Paradox members occasionally wore their armour in battle, and always wore it to diplomatic meetings. The armour typically purported to be made from the skeletons of Great House agents from a timeline where they lost the war against the Yssgaroth, and were tainted by it. This irritated the Houses not only because it was an emblem of their failure, but because the Houses insisted that alternative timelines did not exist at all. (PROSE: Armour)


Cousin Belial's mammoth-like headpiece (PROSE: From the North American Journals of Cousin Belial)

Particular cliques and Cousins often used variants armour. The Military Wing in the Eleven-Day Empire used simpler armour which left the face clear, apparently taken from a different species. (PROSE: Armour) Cousin Belial wore a tusked, mammoth-like headpiece. Cousin Shuncucker wore armour which she claimed came from a leviathan. (AUDIO: Movers)

Masks Edit

Cousin Justine

The stripped-down, open-faced armour used in the Eleven-Day Empire (AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire)

Francesca Mask

Mother Francesca's imitation mask. (COMIC: Political Animals, Bêtes Noires and Dark Horses)

Even Cousins not issued with full armour wore masks for ceremonial occasions. (PROSE: Armour)

Cousins Justine and Manjuele wore the bat-like Yssgaroth-Great House masks when they attended the auction of the Relic. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

In the late 18th century, a mask fell into the hands of the Service, who kept it in their private collection. The Royal Society frequently requested they be allowed to scientifically examine the mask, but they never got a chance to do before it was lost circa 1799. (PROSE: The Reliquary, This Town Will Never Let Us Go)

By the end of the War only imitation skulls were used, instead of real bone. (PROSE: The Reliquary)

Around the Ghost Point, Faction Paradox masks became fashionable on Earth. (PROSE: This Town Will Never Let Us Go)

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