Enigma Tree was a member of House Arpexia. She had a "complicated" past with Yardley James.

She adopted Earth as her home planet, spending some of her time in the 1960s. She noticed that Earth had begun to switch between three different timelines, and left the planet in her timeship and began to examine them. She resolved to sort things out after a short trip to her favourite resort planet.

After learning from Violet that Trudiode had been captured by the Jalaxians, Enigma led the effort to free her friends. She freed Violet, shortly followed by Judy Collins. Moving on, she hacked into the Jalaxian's control centre, changing the history of the planet back to normal. (PROSE: Judy's War)

Behind the scenes Edit

Enigma Tree also appears in Rachel Redhead's self-published novels The Enigma Variations and The Inferior Comedy.

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