Emma James was the niece of Fiora Venn and a good friend of Justine McManus.

On a Sunday in 1899, Emma and Justine visited Fiora after attending church. While walking through Geddis Fields, Emma and Justine were approached by Morlock and Sabbath and asked for the location of Fiora. Emma found it strange that they were looking for Fiora, so she pretended to not know. In this encounter, Morlock took notice of Emma and saw potential in recruiting her into Faction Paradox.

Emma and Justine safely arrived at Fiora's house and had tea with her. (AUDIO: Movers) While they were visiting, Sabbath and Morlock assaulted the house with shadow-weapons. Sabbath almost killed Fiora as part of a ritual to protect his timeline by killing his ancestors, but Morlock saw that Fiora was unsuitable because she was pregnant with Sabbath's grandfather. Emma was murdered in Fiora's place. (AUDIO: A Labyrinh of Histories)

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