Eliminating the Impossible was the third story in Tales of the Great Detectives.

Summary Edit

Everyone who believes in a Creator desires to meet that Creator. Even Remakes, for whom their creators are more flesh and blood than aetherial deities. This desire poses little problem in the City, where even Jesus Christ happens to be a resident (although he does tend to keep to himself to avoid the fuss and the crowds). However, for one group of Remakes, their creator doesn't simply want to avoid them out of modesty or a desire for peace and quiet, but active hate. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hates Sherlock Holmes. 

But now, Conan Doyle has met Sherlock Holmes, and knows where he lives. To coin a phrase, when an author does goes bad he is the first of criminals...

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The story references the Conan Doyle novel The Final Problem and one of its settings, Reichenbach Falls.

Notes Edit

  • Remakes are protected by the same immortality protocols as reborn humans.
  • The protocols that prevent physical injury and illness do not prevent mental illness.
  • The revenue generated by Sherlock Holmes over the millennia has meant Conan Doyle is a rich man.
  • Conan Doyle no longer writes, despite continuously imagining new plots.

Continuity Edit

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