The Elective Semantectomy was a procedure by which a Homeworlder could use esoteric temporal engineering techniques to remove their 'true' name from history and replace it with an impersonal title or appellation.

The motivations for an individual to undergo such a procedure varied, but in the majority of cases, it was in order to protect a bloodline from perceived shame or ignominy; for instance, upon becoming a renegade, the Hussar underwent the procedure to protect the reputation of House Urquineath. Homeworlders of a certain generation, when finding themselves stationed amongst the 'Lesser Species', often underwent the procedure rather than adopt a local name, fearing something they termed 'conceptual contamination', though this may have just been a manifestations of Homeworld snobbery.

Professor H. Lennistein wrote about the Elective Semantectomy in his 31441 book The Great Houses And Us. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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