Drostan was a wandering Anglo-Saxon storyteller-turned-story. He learned of a Blood Witch who unwrote the stories of people so that they had never been, and swore to track her down. With an amulet to protect him, some helpful runes, and his father's sword, he sought out the Blood Witch; he wrote his own story in which he was a hero. But when, instead of a monster with glowing eyes he found a woman, who seemed real and almost reasonable and willing to listen to what he said, he missed his chance. She listened to his story, and then she cut his thread from the history's tapestry of stories. From the people she turned into stories, she made herself real: the story of a Blood Witch told by Drostan himself as he searched for her. (PROSE: Storyteller)

Drostan wasn't resurrected in the City of the Saved because he'd never properly lived. The Blood Witch thought he couldn't die, either, (nice for him) because stories never really die. Actually, though, he could: there was a special gun made specifically for killing stories. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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