Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus (Claudius for short and Anthony Fisher in the City of the Saved) served as the Emperor of the Roman Empire during the 1st century.

In Roma I, Marcus Americanius Scriptor commissioned and extensively edited an award-winning biography of Claudius written by his fellow soldier Sepulcrius. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

After his resurrection in the City of the Saved, he claimed to be a historian named Anthony Fisher. He married three times: Citizen Ellen Thirteeno (AF 87-91), Citizen Gloria Gloria (AF 144-150) and Allisheer St Marx in AF 209.

He wrote a number of books in the City. He received a Fellowship at Aelfred College in AF 10, became Chair of History in AF 44 and the Gibbonian Chair of European History in AF 176. He and St Marx took a sabbatical from AF 275 to 276 at Manfold College.

"Fisher" had two addresses in the City: Aelfred College, University of the Lower Watchtower, Base and Buttress District, The Watchtower and 14 Cypress Walkway, 1,794,875th floor, Base and Buttress District, The Watchtower. He was a member of the Wykehamists, since he claimed to have been educated at Winchester College whilst still on Earth.

Lucillius Urbanus Ignotus knew his true identity for some time, but arrested him in AF 291 after accusing his wife of smuggling potent weapons into the City because it was a politically expedient time to do so. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

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Philip Purser-Hallard said he pictured Derek Jacobi as Claudius whilst writing the book. He also pictured Jacobi as Alan Turing, which he said made writing parts where the two were together rather odd.[1]

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