Chad Vandemeer was a member of Faction Hollywood.

He was responsible for recruiting Michael Brookhaven into the Faction in 1977. Whilst Brookhaven became involved with movies, Vandemeer chose to stay behind the scenes in television. It was he that discovered the GCI Processor in the UPN prop department that was used to make several episodes of Through the Eye of Eternity. After smuggling it out of the studio, he gave the Processor to Brookhaven, who eventually used it to make the 1999 hollow spectacular Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom.

Considering the aftermath of that project, some thought his gift of the Processor was a subtle assassination attempt. With Brookhaven gone, Vandermeer took center stage in the Faction, ushering in a more lowkey phase in contrast to Brookhaven's Follies. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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