The Autrobulus hive was the largest and most significant cluster of Beshielach. Before coalescing, they negotiated the surrender of authorities in the Greater Autrobulan Franchise who had been largely co-opted by the enemy.

This hive was attacked by an explosion, which spread them throughout the local star system, some even being pulled into local suns or slowly flung into deep space. (PROSE: Beshielach) This was known as their "dispersal" era, during which they developed the most effective system for dating War-era events. (PROSE: Dating War Era Events) However, a significant portion of the survivors of the explosion were drawn into the gravity well of the largest planet in the system, a brown dwarf, becoming the Autrobulus hive. (PROSE: Beshielach)

There, they garnered an alliance-at-gunpoint with the Autrobulan authorities, who founded the Autrobulan Ambassadorial Corps to care for the planetesimals, who in return provided security and diplomatic services for the Autrobulans. (PROSE: Greater Autrobulan Franchise) The Shift described their campaign as closer to evangelism or a sales pitch. (PROSE: Beshielach) The hive arranged a treaty with the Great Houses and the enemy that arranged for Beshielach space to be a free zone, with no military operations from either side. The Shift viewed the Autrobulus hive's history as dreadfully boring. (PROSE: Planetesimals)

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