Godmother Antigone was one of the original members of Faction Paradox. She wore an owl mask and ran the Ministry of Insinuation, where Father Torquemada and Cousin Rupert worked for her. She was originally a proud noblewoman of House Urquineath, but her shame at the behavior of her relative the Hussar at Serendipity Keep drove her away from her house to Faction Paradox, and she played a vital part in building the Neam Treaty to stop him from returning to the Chance Coteries. She then broke that treaty to plant the 2nd Second and try to frame the Aquister Primate; with that information, Godfather Christèmas blackmailed her into approving Bankside's independence, resigning from the Ministry, and moving to the Chance Coteries to exploit the power vacuum and reconfigure it into "something of use." (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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